Randy W. Brewer

Founder & President 

Randy Brewer has spent more than 30 years expanding capacity in people and causes.  A philanthropist with a penchant for creating opportunities and sustainability, Randy seeks to build potential through education and wellness.  Whether a micro loan to help start an African business or college funds set aside for an Indonesian adolescent who is receiving monthly support through a child sponsorship organization, the point is what investment can be made to go beyond today’s needs to provide for a self-sustaining future?  “Teach them to fish!” Randy says. 


Randy began his generosity journey first by establishing Brewer Direct, a fundraising and marketing agency that serves inner city ministries in the U.S.  But now, with the establishment of his charitable foundation, Randy spends the majority of time focused on international ministries in third-world nations.

“Teach them to fish!” Randy says. 

An ordained minister with degrees in Education and Ministry, and graduate studies in both Theology and Business Management, Randy has worked for Focus on the Family and World Vision before launching his marketing and communications agency.  Randy also serves as Vice Chairman for African Enterprise USA and is an active member of International Full Gospel Fellowship, which both provide help to the world’s hurting.  


In 2016 Randy authored an inspirational book, Finding My Voice: A Story of Grace, Hope and Healing, which tells the gripping true story of when he contracted a rare throat cancer. It would require a radical surgery that meant he would lose his speaking voice entirely. Yet through it all, he would discover a new Voice calling. This profound book looks at tragedy turned to triumph.  In 2019 Randy’s second book, Releasing Generosity, What Do You Do With The Love You’ve Been Given? was published. This is Randy’s “manifesto” on the heart behind giving.